Losing weight is a topic that seems to be on the cover of every magazine in the grocery store checkout line. Countless shakes and supplements claim to make you slim and trim in a short amount of time. You may have even signed up for a gym membership in St. Petersburg. Each of these is a generic approach to managing your weight, and you’re unlikely to accomplish your goals without nutritional counseling. If you’re doubtful, consider these three things you need to succeed.

1.  An Individualized Wellness Plan

You can create a fitness board on Pinterest and make every gluten-free recipe you can find, but that doesn’t mean your body will respond in kind. What works for one person in St. Petersburg may not help another, so custom nutritional counseling is crucial for your success. During a meeting, you will be asked to describe your goals and current problems. Your chronic indigestion or persistent forehead acne may point your coach to the problem in your diet.

Without training and expertise, you are making choices and guesses off of another person’s experiences. Constant changes will place stress on the intestines when your real aim is healing. A trained health consultant can identify whether you need:

  • Natural detox or cleanse
  • Thyroid testing
  • Blood or saliva tests

These techniques can be used to uncover hidden problems, and this information will shape what foods you incorporate into your meals in St. Petersburg.

2.  Accountability

When changing your habits, support is crucial. Without someone to hold you accountable, it can be easy to say, “Just this once!” to something you’re not supposed to eat. When you’re struggling to stick to the new plan, you need someone to encourage you. With nutritional counseling, not only do you get an individualized plan, but you also get an informed coach. It is one thing for your friend or spouse to tell you, “Keep up the good work!” It is another for your personal health consultant to point out the progress you’ve made. Without a guide, you might abandon your goals.

3.  A Health Consultant You Feel Comfortable With

You need to feel comfortable with your coach if you’re going to succeed in managing your weight. If someone is critical of your choices, you’re less likely to trust them. Some individuals in St. Petersburg don’t have the confidence to speak up or express their concerns. Since we want our nutritional counseling clients to achieve improved wellness, we facilitate open communication.

Simon Wellness for Nutritional Counseling

At Simon Wellness, you can speak openly with our consultant about your concerns and goals for nutritional counseling. She will assess your health history and lifestyle choices to create a plan that promotes positive changes in St. Petersburg. With an individualized program, accountability, and open communication, you will triumph over your previous wellness woes. Call 727-239-9443 to learn more!