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January 2019

How a Natural Diet Will Detoxify Your Body


Many have claimed that detoxing changed their life and improved their health. With a confusing array of health professionals and holistic health practitioners both for and against detoxing, it’s time for Simon Wellness Consulting to weigh in with some firm [...]

How a Natural Diet Will Detoxify Your Body2019-02-06T16:29:36+00:00

November 2018

Detox Program Spotlight: What Are Toxins?


If you’ve ever researched a detox program, you’ve likely noticed the goal is eliminating unwanted toxins in the body. But what exactly are toxins, and why are they bad? Toxins are everywhere. Most people in St. Petersburg are exposed to [...]

Detox Program Spotlight: What Are Toxins?2018-12-03T11:16:39+00:00

August 2018

Holistic Medicine: Improving the Mind, Body, and Spirit


Many patients in St. Petersburg prefer holistic medicine because it takes the entire body — including mind, spirit, and physical body — into consideration to achieve the ultimate wellbeing. At Simon Wellness Consulting, we believe that, while the body contains [...]

Holistic Medicine: Improving the Mind, Body, and Spirit2018-08-09T10:38:48+00:00

July 2018

May 2018

How Effective is Genetic Testing?


Tampa Bay residents may have heard a lot about recent developments in gene tests and precise DNA results. With newer technology and research methods, health professionals can provide more accurate genetic testing. In some cases, results have up to 99.99% [...]

How Effective is Genetic Testing?2018-05-31T12:38:11+00:00

February 2018