Each year in November, North Americans celebrate Thanksgiving. But practicing gratitude in St. Petersburg can and should be a daily habit, year round. The more we give thanks, the more we receive to be thankful for: it’s the law of attraction, or, the giver’s gain philosophy. I encourage you to go the extra mile in expressing to those who work with you, have helped you one way or another (family member, certified nutritionist, instructor,etc.), who serve you (grocery cashiers, postal service delivery personnel, etc…), who are meaningful in your life and love you, how grateful you are for them.

The Importance of Receiving Thanks

I also encourage you to allow yourself to receive thanks from others, without deflecting their gratitude. For instance, if this sounds like you: “oh, it was nothing, really”, when someone thanked you for something you did for them, then you need to start learning how to receive gratitude from others. The next time your certified nutritionist applauds you for achieving a goal, pause before you respond. Be mindful of your tendency to deflect compliments in St. Petersburg, and practice receiving positive feedback by telling them “thanks for noticing.”

The Power of Thoughts

In his book, the Healing Powers of Water, Dr. Masaru Emoto, a visionary researcher from Japan, demonstrates that human thoughts and emotions can alter the molecular structure of water. For the first time, a modern scientist was able to provide physical evidence that the power of our thoughts can change the world within and around us.

Since the human body is made of at least 70% water, that we live on a planet covered by more water than landmass, and the plants around us and foods we consume also contain water, it is great to know that we have the power to change the structure of the medium we are made of. By simply producing positive thought patterns, St. Petersburg residents can restore not only their own health but that of everyone around them, and even the planet itself, with every thought.

Our Certified Nutritionist Says Start Expressing Gratitude

Expressing gratitude and being able to receive it is part of our greater well-being. Many times, when we are used to giving and helping others, we forget to also be open to receiving in St. Petersburg. Our certified nutritionist knows how full life can get, so allow yourself to receive the same way you give, and start experiencing the well-being benefits of gratitude, in each direction. This practice may even inspire you to make certain lifestyle or dietary changes that bring about more positive experiences.

Starting now, be mindful and practice “Love and Gratitude” not just this month, but every day forward in St. Petersburg, and see yourself, the people around you, and the world transform.

In Gratitude, Your Certified Nutritionist