In the summer heat of St. Petersburg, fanning yourself and upping the AC won’t be enough to overcome hot flashes. Your unpredictable moods may leave you reeling. The unwanted symptoms you’re experiencing are an indication that you need to make lifestyle alterations to embrace this new stage of life. If you feel overtaken or limited by menopause, consider a natural cleanse.  A professional wellness consultant can guide you through it.

When the ovaries produce less oestrogen, your hormones can shift in unwanted ways. Without stabilizing them, the transformation of your body can feel like a draining fight. Restless sleep due to night sweats and jolts of intense emotions make it hard to feel positive about life. Without information about how to navigate this season, you might feel far from your best self.

What You Eat Can Turn Down the Heat

A natural cleanse is a terrific place to start because your current diet may be making your symptoms worse in St. Petersburg. Not all women know this, so they continue to eat as they always have. Certain foods and drinks will cause inflammation and exacerbate your hot flashes. Your liver is already working hard to release the hormones it no longer needs, and you can lighten its load by consuming unprocessed, organic plant-based foods like:

  • Lemon
  • Quinoa
  • Avocado
  • Asparagus
  • Collard greens
  • And more!

The prospect of creating a new diet can be daunting for many in St. Petersburg. Humans are creatures of habit and naturally resist change, but this very willfulness is likely aggravating your symptoms. A professional wellness consultant will provide the menu, as well as accountability, to see you through the natural cleanse.   

Release Toxins and Experience Transformation

When you detoxify with a natural cleanse, your body releases pent-up toxins. By doing this, you assist your liver and avoid weight gain. If weight management has been a challenge for you during menopause, despite dietary choices and regular exercise, you could have a toxic overload. Use unprocessed sources of nutrition, like plants and herbs, to bring balance to your life. Detoxification can result in some adverse effects, at first, because the body is in shock. If you are accustomed to processed meals and high levels of caffeine or sugar, the consumption of vegetables and fruits will require adjustments. A professional wellness consultant who has helped other women complete detoxes in St. Petersburg can coach you as your body and mind are transformed.      

Simon Wellness Consulting for a Natural Cleanse

If you’re ready for sound sleep and a stable emotional spectrum, contact Simon Wellness Consulting to learn more about a natural cleanse. Instead of fighting your menopause in St. Petersburg, our professional wellness consultant can help you get in tune with your body and make positive changes. She also specializes in nutritional counseling, employee wellness instruction, and essential oils. Call 727-239-9443 to schedule an appointment!