Many people who decide to detoxify have a goal in mind—whether it’s to reduce toxins, jump-start an improved diet or just plain hitting the reset button, detoxification is a great way to get things moving in the right direction. Common natural detox mistakes keep many individuals in St. Petersburg from succeeding in their wellness aspirations, and we can help you from making any oversights. Detoxing requires dedication and focus, so be sure to get it right the first go around.

Failing to Nourish Your Body

A misunderstanding that is all too familiar in the detoxing world is failing to nourish one’s body. People mistake eating whole foods for eating few foods. This approach, which brushes elbows with starvation, is a surefire way to make your plan flop. Depriving yourself of nutrients will affect your daily life in negative ways:

  • Increased headaches
  • Weakness & tiredness
  • Foggy brain & dizziness
  • Anxiety & heart palpitations
  • Mood swings

It’s no secret that we need nutrients to survive. But what we lose sight of is that we also need them to thrive. Detoxification does not mean you eat less; it means you eat more whole foods, which provide the nourishment you need. Be sure to have a full supply of organic sources of protein, as well as fruits and vegetables at your favorite health food store in St. Petersburg.

Giving Your Power to Expectations

Some of those who opt for a natural detox can be highly motivated. This trait is valuable because it often means you are dedicated to the cause. But it can also walk hand in hand with perfectionism. Those with perfectionistic tendencies often give all of their power to expectations. They have a specific idea of how things should go and how they should look. When something arises that they cannot control in St. Petersburg, anxiety can set in.

Feeling out of sorts is one of the things you can count on during a natural detox because you are cutting out processed filler foods which you’ve grown to rely on. At first, this will shock your system. By realistic expectations, you can improve your overall detoxing experience.

Going It Alone

Too many St. Petersburg detoxers try to go it alone. One of the tenants of a successful natural detox is a strong support system, whether that means friends who serve as accountability partners or professional assistance. With encouragement and coaching, you avoid burnout and feeling dispirited.

Simon Wellness: Natural Detox

At Simon Wellness, we can help you achieve your aspirations healthfully. With us, you will receive guidance, advice on products, and accountability throughout your natural detox. The input and encouragement are sure to make your experience more successful than if you were to go it alone. For many individuals in St. Petersburg, detoxification is foreign territory, so it is best to team with experienced professionals. Contact us today at (727)-239-9443 to schedule a consultation or to learn about additional services like nutritional counseling or essential oils!