If you’ve ever researched a detox program, you’ve likely noticed the goal is eliminating unwanted toxins in the body. But what exactly are toxins, and why are they bad? Toxins are everywhere. Most people in St. Petersburg are exposed to them on a regular basis. But there is no need to fear, because thankfully, our bodies purge toxins for us. Sometimes, however, the body needs additional help in cases where there’s an overload of toxins, causing negative symptoms like sluggishness, weight gain, brain fog, and more.

Toxins: What Are They?

Strictly speaking, toxins, in the scope of a detox program, are substances that can cause harm to the body. In particular, pesticides, pollution, unsafe ingredients, some chemicals, and even some foods can lead to toxin overload. Foods like rice or tuna can contain substances like mercury and arsenic. These substances are poisonous to the body. Gluten and refined sugar can be considered toxic because of the reaction they cause in so many people. This isn’t to say that you can never go to your favorite St. Petersburg bakery ever again, but you should consider that consuming these foods could be contributing to negative symptoms.

What is a Natural Detox Program?

Simon Wellness personalizes detox programs based on the client. The goal is to examine a person’s diet, habits, and health to determine where simple improvements can be made. With a nutritionist, you’ll go over your daily diet and address areas where you can make realistic, sustainable changes, such as swapping white rice for organic brown rice, or adding a serving of leafy green vegetables to your lunch.

However, toxins come from far more than just food. We’ll also examine your environment, including the products you use daily, such as shampoo, moisturizer, makeup, and sunscreen, all of which can contribute to toxicity. Even cleaning products can add to toxic overload. Over the course of a day in St. Petersburg, these add up, and your body may need extra help to safely purge the unwanted substances.

Why Are Detox Programs Necessary?

For some people, the liver, kidneys, and other organs are healthy enough to filter and purge toxins. However, if there’s an overload of toxins and the organs aren’t working at optimal capacity, then you may develop symptoms such as headaches, fatigue, and dehydration. Therefore, a detox program may be necessary to give your body the upper edge over the toxins that overwhelm our world.

Find a Detox Program in St. Petersburg

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