Tampa Bay residents may have heard a lot about recent developments in gene tests and precise DNA results. With newer technology and research methods, health professionals can provide more accurate genetic testing. In some cases, results have up to 99.99% accuracy. Tests are usually measured by their:

  • Validity
  • Clinical conclusion
  • Utility

What validity refers to is how well the specific methods work in predicting genes. An accurate process can allow professionals to test for particular genes. If it can, then that is a sign that it is accurate enough to reach clinical conclusions, also known as clinical validity. Not only must the test be done right, but professionals must be able to understand it. With that, they can then measure utility or ability to provide treatment to help potential conditions. Overall, genetic testing has grown increasingly accurate and useful in diagnosing hidden conditions and preventing disorders.

Why Undergo Genetic Testing?

For many individuals, engaging in genetic testing is a way to gain a sense of certainty. Many conditions like cancer can be prevalent among certain families. Other conditions may be unavoidable but lessen with proper treatments before it manifests. Prepping for the future to reduce the possibility of health conditions and diagnosing difficult symptoms can benefit patients of all ages in the Tampa Bay area. Depending on the method, the tests can range from a mouth swab to a blood sample. Regardless, it is a quick process to gather the necessary DNA.

Preparation for the Future

Tampa Bay residents with a family history of certain conditions like age-related macular degeneration (AMD) or bipolar disorder should be aware of their genetic predispositions. There is a ten times higher chance that patients will develop disorders like macular degeneration depending on their genes. With genetic testing, individuals may be able to act quickly enough avoid it all together. While there is no cure for AMD, improving your diet and lifestyle choices can help protect your vision early on. Even with no symptoms, Tampa Bay residents can find out if they should take measures to lower their chances.

Hard to Diagnose Conditions

Celiac disease, for example, often has no apparent causes. The University of Chicago Medicine estimates that over 90% of individuals with celiac disease are undiagnosed. Celiac disease can cause constant cramps, vomiting, and trouble digesting gluten-heavy foods. These vague symptoms are often misdiagnosed as other conditions relating to the stomach. However, research has shown that celiac disease is diagnosable by looking for mutations in the HLA-DQ gene.

At Simon Wellness Consulting, Tampa Bay patients may find the cause of their symptoms with the help of genetic testing. Clients can also benefit from many other tests to keep themselves as healthy as possible. For even more options to improve your health like hormone and thyroid testing, contact Simon Wellness Consulting today at (727) 239-9443 or by going online.