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Did you know that nutritional status changes as one’s personal circumstances change? In this regard, even if you have adopted a healthy lifestyle and take a multi, micronutrient deficiencies may still be present for a host of reasons: biochemical individuality, malabsorption, acute or chronic illness, and aging – all of which impact individual micronutrient demands. Deficiencies are often associated with various conditions that most of us assume to be inevitable especially as we age, including low energy/fatigue and weight gain.

This live seminar is not simply about improving diet or adopting a healthier lifestyle, both of which are critical for establishing a healthy being. Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner & Nutritionist Isabelle Simon, M.A., C.N. will focus on extending beyond managing a diagnosis by addressing the underlying causes and share ways to evaluate your micronutrient status, and how this can be the first step in improving your health outcomes, since micronutrient deficiencies can be implicated in a variety of illnesses from heart disease to headaches.

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