Some people are wary of alternative medicine, but it has a strong history and standing in medical practices throughout the world. Even in St. Petersburg, people suffering from health problems rely on this form of medical care to feel better, reduce pain, and live healthier lives. The primary reason many people choose alternative medicine over traditional medicine is that it generally offers less invasive options that can prevent the need for surgery or medications.

Holistic Therapy

One of the most important characteristics of alternative medicine compared to traditional Western medicine is that it focuses on the patient as a whole, not just individual body parts or symptoms. This holistic approach considers the mind, body, and spirit, accounting for emotional as well as physical wellness. Brains are powerful organs that affect the body in infinite ways. If there is something off in the brain, the body will suffer. If you have allergies, you may also have a hard time falling asleep. Each system of the body impacts others and diagnosing conditions and problems without considering the entire body is cutting corners, and not in a good way.

Unfortunately, many doctors prescribe medications to mask the symptoms like pain instead of finding the source of the problem and treating it. Holistic therapy is meant to combat this, and instead, uses a combination of technology, medical knowledge, and holistic care to treat the patient. Some alternative medicine treatments are ongoing, whereas others are one-time or short-term solutions that help patients overcome an issue. At Simon Wellness Consulting in St. Petersburg, we use nutritional counseling, diagnostic testing, and a combination of holistic therapies like whole food supplements, essential oils, and safe skin care to help patients become healthier.

Organic Whole Food Supplements

Eating healthily is important to being healthy. What you put into your body becomes fuel, and if you eat poorly, you will feel it. Sometimes, it’s hard to get the right nutrients, given how busy people in St. Petersburg are. Even if you do have the time and energy to plan and prepare wholesome meals, many people may still have gaps in their diet. Missing out on important vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients can be detrimental to your wellness. However, with organic whole food supplements, which contain phytonutrients and phytomedicinals, you can fill in the gaps. Whole foods are better than processed choices and are easier for our bodies to handle and turn into energy. By consuming whole food supplements, you will feel lighter, more energetic, and revitalized.

Essential Oils

Civilizations across the world have relied on the therapeutic properties of natural oils as a form of alternative medicine. Essential oils are used in many ways: cooking, cleaning, healing, treating, and more. Instead of reaching for medication when you are feeling nauseated, you can use lemon and ginger oil diluted in water to calm your stomach. You can apply oils directly to the skin, diffuse them into the air, inhale their aromas, dilute them, or consume them.

Certain oils need to be diluted, so always read a guide for the oil you want to use. For example, you can diffuse lemon oil by putting drops directly in the diffuser, but if you want to put ginger on your skin to fight a headache, it needs a carrier oil. The reason certain oils need a carrier or dilution is because they are concentrated, and direct contact with the skin can cause irritation. Diluting oils does not diminish their efficacy. When buying oils in St. Petersburg or online, make sure they have a CPTG (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade) logo, which demonstrates they are high-quality.

Safe Skin Care

You probably don’t think about how everything you put on your body affects you. However, your skin is the largest organ, and it absorbs a certain amount of everything you put on it, including makeup, skin care, sunscreen, and more. In Europe, the EU has a list of over 1,400 skin care ingredients they have banned because they contain carcinogens. In the United States, only 11 have been banned. Therefore, St. Petersburg residents need to be careful with what they use on their bodies. Choosing safe skin care is a form of alternative medicine because you are choosing natural, toxin-free options.

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