The human body is an amazing and complex structure that relies on millions of natural processes and functions every day. Unfortunately, even healthy bodies can encounter problems when things are not balanced. Hormone balancing is responsible for keeping the powerful molecules, hormones, in check. When certain chemicals in the body are not present in the right amount — whether that means too little or too much — it can wreak havoc on everything from physical reactions to emotional and psychological wellbeing. Fortunately, having your levels tested is simple, thanks to Simon Wellness Consulting in Tampa Bay!

Important Hormones that Affect Your Daily Life

While there are about fifty different hormones present in the human body, many of those have subtypes and variations that perform different functions. All in all, a lot is going on underneath the surface that you are not even aware of on a daily basis. That is why hormone balancing is so important for Tampa residents. The chemicals released by glands affect everything from sleep, mood, and appetite to metabolism, energy levels, and growth. Instead of going into lengths about each of the more than fifty and what they do, the following is a succinct explanation of some of the most important ones and what they do.

What Do Specific Hormones Do?

Hormone balancing is necessary for Tampa residents who want to live a healthy, disease-free life. Simon Wellness Consulting can conduct tests of the saliva to measure levels of:


Melatonin originates in the pineal gland and affects your circadian rhythm. It is essential to have enough melatonin for a regulated sleep cycle, as your circadian rhythm is what dictates your natural sleep schedule. Tampa residents need their sleep to live a fulfilling life, so check to see that you are producing enough melatonin naturally.


Testosterone, while most commonly associate with males, is found in both male and female bodies. However, in men, the quantity is higher as it is responsible for the development of masculine sexual traits as well as secondary characteristics like body mass and hair growth. In females, the androgenic properties of testosterone affect reproductive health and even egg stimulation. Overall, it is an essential hormone for all humans, regardless of sex, that affects sexual reproduction and more. Too little testosterone can cause unwanted side effects on libido, energy, and mood. With hormone balancing in Tampa, you can ensure your levels are within a normal range.


Estrogen, on the other hand, is most commonly associated with females. However, like testosterone, it too is found in the opposite sex’s body, just in lower amounts. In females, it is responsible for the development of the sexual organs as well as secondary sex characteristics like the growth of breasts and hips. In males, estrogen regulates sexual functions like the production of sperm and helps to maintain a healthy libido. Estrogen affects things like fat storage, metabolism, cholesterol, and fluid levels in both sexes.


Made by the pancreas, insulin requires hormone balancing of a delicate sort, as diabetics know all too well. Insulin helps regulate glucose (sugar) in the body and prevents hypo or hyperglycemia. It also helps your body balance energy storage and guides the usage of glucose based on need and availability. When your blood sugar drops (hypoglycemia) because you have too much insulin in the body, it causes fatigue, migraines, rapid heart rate, vomiting, nausea, and more. When your blood sugar spikes (hyperglycemia) due to reduced insulin, you may suffer from weakness, headache, dry mouth, and frequent urination.

How Hormone Balancing Restores Health and Wellness

Hormone balancing is simple once you know there is an imbalance within the body. Blood and saliva tests are one of the easiest, non-invasive ways to take a sample. At Simon Wellness in Tampa Bay, administer tests with expertise and send them for evaluation with care. We want to ensure the results are as accurate as possible to develop a clear plan of action. While we are not doctors, we can guide your health decisions using our expertise and training in the areas of wellness and nutrition.

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