The body has the innate response and ability to heal itself, to attain optimal and vibrant health. Because we are all different, it makes sense that we all have different needs.  This is true for our nutritional needs too. Whether you want to lose weight, sleep better, have more energy, balance your hormones, prevent or reverse diseases, I will help you customize your nutrition and wellness program so that you and your family can achieve optimal health.

I encourage small, realistic and sustainable changes combining cutting-edge nutritional science with traditional food wisdom as the key to optimal health. I am able to meet with you either in person or, thanks to technology, via conference call (Skype, Facetime) or simply over the phone.

How it Works

Before our first nutritional counseling session together, I e-mail you a wellness questionnaire (over 200 questions) that focuses on the last 3–to-6 months. You select the symptoms that apply to you, using 1, 2, or 3 for mild, moderate or severe/chronic, respectively. I use your answers to connect the dots in the systems (digestive, cardiovascular, endocrine, etc…) of the body and to put together your own personal wellness score. Want to take the online wellness assessment now? Click on Health & Symptoms Survey.

At our first session, we go over what you eat, what you don’t, what you drink, what medications you may be taking, who is your in support system, who are the key people in your life, how busy/stressed you are, etc… so that I get the overall picture of where you are starting from. We look at your goals and expectations and set a plan of action that will fit not only within your lifestyle but also within your budget. We determine the number of sessions together at that time.

The most important thing for you to keep in mind when we work together, is that I guarantee you results, as long as you follow the plan. You are the only one who is 24/7 with you, so, you must become part of the solution. When we work together, I teach you as much as I can so that you will eventually not need a health consultant. For more information on how to get started, simply call 727-239-9443 or

  • Initial Nutrition Session (90 minutes)
  • Subsequent Sessions (60-minutes)
  • Discounted Session Series Available (60-minutes each)
  • Grocery Tour (90 minutes): Learn how to navigate the grocery store for a healthy lifestyle. We will take you to the store of your choice and educate you on how to interpret and compare food labels, assess product marketing claims, and select healthier choices.
  • Restaurant Trip (90 minutes): Order out with healthy confidence! We will review restaurant menus at the restaurant of your choosing, explain how to read the menu to interpret food offerings, and how to request modifications for healthier choices.