Life is busy in St. Petersburg, and you many not think you have time for wellness; a health consultant can assist you and help guide your lifestyle choices to achieve a better sense of wellbeing. Your body is a powerful thing, and proper nutrition is the most productive way to nurture and support it.

Nutritional Counseling

Small changes lead to big results. You won’t need to completely rearrange your life in St. Petersburg all at once to be successful. A health consultant can help you make small changes that are realistic and sustainable for you so they stick. Not only is this easier for you, but it is healthier for your system. Sudden or drastic changes to your regular diet can shock your body, causing you to relapse into unhealthy habits. At Simon Wellness, you’ll take an initial wellness questionnaire to assess your current state. We will then work with you to formulate a plan —tailored specifically to you and your goals— to determine how we can achieve your maximum vitality.

Detox Programs

Sometimes the best answer to a toxin-filled, sluggish body is to wipe it clean. By detoxing, you’ll cleanse and purify yourself, making everything from breathing to digesting easier. Toxins can cause a multitude of problems such as:

  • Fatigue
  • Insomnia
  • Weight gain
  • Impaired mental clarity

Your personal health consultant will ease this process (usually a 21-day plan) by being in touch through unlimited phone or text contact. We will supply you with organic supplements, protein shakes, and a list of foods to keep on hand that will eliminate toxins from your system. You’ll also receive daily emails, more than 60 recipes, and a phone app, so you can take your wellness on-the-go in St. Petersburg.

Wholesome Products

Wellness and nutrition extend to more than just your diet. Anything your body ingests can potentially alter your wellbeing; products are absorbed through the skin and into the bloodstream, so even your night cream or sunscreen can affect your condition. We offer organic, whole products that are effective and affordable. Your personal health consultant will examine your current routines to see where improvements or changes need to be made to prevent the ingestion of unhealthy chemicals. They will also be able to tell you where you can purchase safe, wholesome products in St. Petersburg so you’ll have options.

Nutrition Testing

Nutrition testing is a very popular service that many St. Petersburg clients seek. With the help of a health consultant, you will be able to take tests that reveal more about your vitality.

  • Food sensitivities and intolerances. ALCAT testing will identify sensitivities and intolerances to a variety of foods, chemicals, and herbs by observing cellular reactions in a simple blood test.
  • CardioMetabolic testing. Check for blood sugar levels and triglycerides for warning signs of diabetes or other cardiovascular diseases.
  • Hormone and thyroid testing. Imbalanced hormones are linked to many conditions and symptoms, like fatigue, weight gain, depression, and low libido. Our saliva test is an easier and more accurate way to check hormone levels.

These tests look at genetic materials such as telomere, Apolipoprotein E, Factor V Leiden & Prothrombin, and MTHFR, which can shed more light on your current condition. At Simon Wellness, all of the testing is done in-house in St. Petersburg, and a health consultant will talk you through your results.

Achieve Health & Wellness with a Health Consultant

By seeking the assistance of a Simon Wellness, you’ll discover a new way of life. You’ll feel stronger, cleaner, and happier when your body is restored to wellness, and you may even see a reduction or elimination of symptoms from medical conditions. Take your nutrition into your hands, but don’t go it alone; the journey to wellness can be tough, but you will have the support of a health consultant whenever you need them. We are located in St. Petersburg, so you will have convenient remote and immediate access to our assistance. If you would like to learn more about our services, or how you can get started on a nutritional counseling or detox program today, give us a call at 727-239-9443.