Everywhere we look there is a new diet popping up. It seems our society has become so focused on finding “healthier alternatives” that we forget where the most nutrients and health benefits come from—real, wholesome foods. We all know raw honey is better for you than white sugar, and brown rice is healthier than breads and pasta. So why do we forget to take this approach with our vitamins and supplements?

Processed foods are stripped of many of their natural nutrients—as are supplements. When food and supplements are refined, they do not create the proper balance in your body as they’re intended to. In addition, when these vitamins and supplements are created in a lab, not only are they missing much of their nutritional value, but they contain potentially nasty solvents and chemicals.

We are already dealing with enough toxic chemicals in our day to day lives—the last thing we need to do is expose ourselves to more, especially when our intent is to be healthier!

So what’s the solution?

We understand obtaining all your body’s needed nutrients and vitamins is not always plausible or realistic through wholesome foods. That’s where wholesome supplements comes in!

These vitamins are not isolated; they are highly complex made only with ingredients that you can actually pronounce! You can tell a supplement is wholesome if it is made with real foods, such as kale, sprouts and mushrooms. It is also important to make sure the supplements you take have been tested and verified for quality and potency through all phases of their production. You can also verify the credibility of the company by seeing whether or not the company has a proven track record with clinical results. If not, don’t chance it.

With so many options available to us, it can be overwhelming trying to decide which choice is right for us—especially when every company is claiming they are the best in business. If you are questioning whether or not your supplements are organic and healthy, give me a call at 727-239-9443 or e-mail me at isabelle@sSimonWellnessConsulting.com.

Isabelle published an article on this topic in the Tampa Bay Wellness Magazine and also has an article on AlkalineHealth.net.