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June 2018

Austin H.


Austin suffered Liver Damage from Years of taking a Prescribed Medication - Enter Nutritionist Isabelle Simon, and today Austin’s Serious Symptoms are GONE. He’s now getting the vitamins and nutrients that his body needs and he’s avoiding the [...]

Austin H.2018-06-08T16:16:55-04:00

Juliet Kyes – Owner Action Coach Tampa Bay


Isabelle is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to how to use food to diminish and cure negative symptoms arising in the body - whether it is allergies, upset stomach and indigestion, stress and anxiety, diabetes, high blood pressure, aches and [...]

Juliet Kyes – Owner Action Coach Tampa Bay2018-06-08T15:58:22-04:00

Hanna Cano


I'm 13 weeks pregnant with my second child. My doctor had prescribed a prenatal which made me sick and nauseated all day. Come to find out, the prescribed prenatal has a harmful coloring ingredient that caused me to [...]

Hanna Cano2018-06-08T16:18:48-04:00

May 2018

Scooter Cardoza – Owner Trinity Graphics


I have known Isabelle for years now and I can refer her with the upmost confidence. She is so knowledgeable about food, nutrition, and personal wellness!! Her passion for helping and educating those who seek her help will NEVER regret [...]

Scooter Cardoza – Owner Trinity Graphics2018-06-08T16:04:29-04:00

Lisa Rice


I just finished a grocery store tour with Board Certified Nutritionist Isabelle Simon. I'm very excited about reading labels and shopping smart, so I can stop counting calories and lose weight.

Lisa Rice2018-06-08T15:03:00-04:00

Eric Jackson with ER Renew (Google Review)


Isabelle is by far, not a, but THE Nutritionist. Her knowledge of healing through eating, breathing, essential oils, and so much more, is amazing. Thanks for what you've done for my family in this short time. May plenty more individuals [...]

Eric Jackson with ER Renew (Google Review)2018-05-30T12:06:29-04:00
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