Now, more than ever before, people across America are trying different types of cleanses in hopes of losing weight and increasing their overall health. As a professional cleansing consultant in Tampa Bay and St. Petersburg, Isabelle Simon is frequently approached by clients who are frustrated with their lack of results with other companies and looking for advice on which products and programs are most beneficial for their specific goals. 

The Cleansing Problem

While any attempt to lead a healthier life is a step in the right direction, the problem is that many people do not take enough time to learn about the various levels of cleansing programs, how to properly do one, and which are best for their particular goals.

There are many people out there who have heard that doing a cleanse can actually be dangerous, and this is true—to a certain extent. Here’s the thing: The purpose of a cleanse is to detoxify your body to rid it of the various toxins and chemicals accumulated from artificial ingredients in many foods and products, to jump-start your metabolism, and to rejuvenate your digestive system.

However, as any experienced cleansing consultant can tell you, the negative symptoms and side effects some people warn you about don’t occur from the cleanse itself, but rather from doing it incorrectly. One of the biggest mistakes people make is jump-starting the cleanse without following the appropriate pre-cleanse instructions. This shocks their body and causes them to get extremely sick.

The Cleansing Solution

The key to undergoing an effective cleanse is to remember that you should not be depriving or starving your body of essential vitamins, nutrients and minerals. Doing so is not only dangerous, but can actually cause adverse effects for your overall goals.

Everyone is different, which is why enlisting the assistance of a professional cleansing consultant in St. Petersburg or Tampa Bay is so important. Not only will they help you create and implement a unique, custom detox program that will maximize the benefits experienced, but they will also be able to offer the help, encouragement, and support needed to successfully meet your health and weight loss goals.

Simon Wellness Consulting

When you visit us at Simon Wellness for cleansing consultant services, we will offer the time and attention needed to effectively create a wellness program that works for your lifestyle. As practitioners of holistic medicine, we will take a whole-body approach—taking everything into account. From your job and hobbies, to your diet and exercise regime, we make sure to consider all factors of your lifestyle to ensure you receive the best possible results.

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