Energized, Glowing & Sexy!

The Busy Woman’s Guide
Reduce Stress, Detox Your Environment, and Nourish Your Body


  • feels emotionally & physically drained?
  • suffers from reduced energy and initiative?
  • worries and can’t sleep at night?
  • feels brain fog?
  • has sugar / caffeine cravings?
  • has dull looking skin? thinning hair?
  • has tried every diet under the sun & can’t reach your weight goals?
  • has many chronic health issues no doctor can help figure out or pill can resolve?
  • has been to numerous doctors who have given up on you?
  • feels alone in your struggle and search for answers?


Over 90% of women share the same exact complains as yours. They have done some research on the internet trying to make sense of it all, have spent countless hours at their doctor’s office and have been referred to various specialists to figure out what’s wrong with them, but they have not gotten better with medications that have been prescribed to them, in fact, they feel worse.

In the process, they have lost faith in the traditional medical system, because the doctors they have spoken with have failed them, don’t care, don’t take the time to listen or answer their questions or simply have given up on them. Some of them have also been told by their practitioner that “It’s all in your head” since traditional medicine cannot nuke your symptoms.

Those women also have kids and/or a spouse who seem completely oblivious to their struggle and/or aggravated with their emotional ups and downs.  If this sounds like you and what you have been dealing with, I can help!


You might be asking yourself, why you should listen to me and what makes me an authority on helping busy women identify the root causes of their chronic health issues?

Isabelle Simon

Good question! Here’s the answer.

My name is Isabelle Simon, I’m a board certified holistic health practitioner, a certified health coach and wellness consultant with over 19 years of experience. I received my professional training from both France and the United States. I take an integrative & functional approach to well-being, combining:

  • the best of Western Medicine, using scientific evidence and data from lab work to uncover the body’s functional imbalances, with
  • the best of Ancient Medicine, using natural modalities that have been practiced for centuries to help repair the body’s functions.

When I work with my clients, I ask the question: “why it there a symptom or disease?”, instead of “which pill to take to cover it up?” With the right tools to function, the body has the innate ability to heal itself and conditions can be reversed, so health is restored and quality of life is regained.

For years I’ve been working with busy professional women on helping them achieve both physical and emotional energy, glowing skin and feeling sexy.

And one thing became clear really quickly…

The information online regarding optimal health and feeling your best is incomplete and confusing at best and downright harmful at worst.

So, I set out to change that and put all of my years of experience and research into a guide that makes it super easy for you to identify once and for all why you have been feeling lousy, and most importantly, how to regain your energy, your health and your quality of life once and for all, naturally, and without the use of medications.


Energized, Glowing & Sexy!: The Busy Woman’s Guide to Reduce Stress, Detox Your Environment, and Nourish Your Body

My e-book – Energized, Glowing & Sexy: The Busy Woman’s Guide to Reduce Stress, Detox Your Environment and Nourish Your Body, gives you everything you need in one easy guide to uncover the root causes of your numerous chronic health symptoms, remedy them, so you can regain your health and quality of life.

Realistically, you can expect to begin to feel better within the first seven to ten days of incorporating daily healthy lifestyle habits discussed in this guide, although it will obviously take longer for your body to fully heal. This guide will help you save time, money, frustration, get off your meds (under the supervision of your doctor), get answers, using simple cost-effective natural solutions.


In this guide, I will show you how you can heal your body, reduce your stress, detox your daily routine and increase your nourishment by looking at every aspect of your overall lifestyle, and using cost-effective, non-toxic, efficient, easy-to-use natural solutions to help you get better once and for all.

As you read each chapter and begin to incorporate at least some of the simple healthy lifestyle habits I present you will: 

  • be able to identify the root causes of your chronic symptoms and understand why you are sick
  • understand why the traditional medical system has failed you, why medications won’t help, and what you can do to regain your health now
  • be able to reduce your stress load more efficiently
  • be able sleeps better, have more energy, have more mental clarity and feel more “level headed”
  • have less emotional ups & downs, feel less “depressed” and less overwhelmed
  • lose weight without restricting your calories, starving yourself or giving up foods you love
  • have clearer, brighter skin and shinier, silkier hair
  • feel more energetic, cheerful, alive, connected, in high spirits, empowered again
  • regain your libido and rekindle your romance
  • and so much more

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