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Austin H.
St. Petersburg, FL, Detox Leads to Improved Health

Austin suffered Liver Damage from Years of taking a Prescribed Medication - Enter Nutritionist Isabelle Simon, and today Austin’s Serious Symptoms are GONE. He’s now getting the vitamins and nutrients that his body needs and he’s avoiding the chemicals that are not good for his body. Isabelle can help you too. Call 727-239-9443.

Juliet Kyes – Owner Action Coach Tampa Bay
St. Petersburg, FL - Expertise, 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Isabelle is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to how to use food to diminish and cure negative symptoms arising in the body - whether it is allergies, upset stomach and indigestion, stress and anxiety, diabetes, high blood pressure, aches and pains - she knows just how to find the root of the problem and how to turn it around. Her level of expertise and professional training makes her a stand out combined with her passion and positive energy around health and nutrition is a motivation to take action. I would 100% recommend her to anyone who is looking for that catalysis to finally overcome symptoms and get to their body to a stage of optimization.

A.M. Happy New Mom
Clearwater, FL - I'm a Mom, at Last!

It took us two years and the use of fertility treatment to get pregnant. Isabelle was very helpful in testing both my husband and I for food deficiencies to make sure we were not missing any nutrients making it harder to get pregnant. After the test, she suggested food we should be eating to get the nutrients we were deficient in, and she also provided other suggestion to help us relax. Isabelle helped us rule out reasons we couldn’t get pregnant and be stronger for the fertility treatment. We are now the happy parents to a beautiful child. Thanks Isabelle!

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Hanna Cano
Riverview, FL. Pregnancy Morning Sickness No More

I'm 13 weeks pregnant with my second child. My doctor had prescribed a prenatal which made me sick and nauseated all day. Come to find out, the prescribed prenatal has a harmful coloring ingredient that caused me to be sick. So, I switched to the whole food organic supplement my nutritionist Isabelle Simon recommended and I'm feeling great again.

Scooter Cardoza – Owner Trinity Graphics

I have known Isabelle for years now and I can refer her with the upmost confidence. She is so knowledgeable about food, nutrition, and personal wellness!! Her passion for helping and educating those who seek her help will NEVER regret it! Contact Isabelle today!!!

Dr. Susan Beaven, M.D.
Integrative & Functional Medicine Physician

I refer my patients to Isabelle for basic and advanced nutritional counseling and education. I have patients that range from those wanting to increase their wellness to those patients who have been ill and suffering for years. Isabelle has been great and so helpful in addressing their individual needs and nutritional plans. She has been instrumental in educating them and then helping them to plan, shop, cook and restructure their foods. This in particularly important in those patients who are Celiac, NCGS, Paleo, insulin resistance, diabetes, lipid concerns and in those wanting to gain or lose weight. I highly recommend Isabelle.

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