Did you know that the average apple contains or has come into contact with over 30 pesticides that you then ingest? According to The World Counts, even after washing food, you can still end up consuming a large number of pesticides. There are many occasions when you choose your habits and purchases carefully, but unfortunately, food does not always get the same consideration.


Many people believe that organic foods are not a necessity, but the investment in foods that are naturally grown, without the use of harmful synthetic pesticides, is important for healthy living in Clearwater. Here are the top five reasons for making the switch to organic foods.


  • Avoid Chemicals


Many chemicals that are used to help farmers maximize production come at a cost: the use of chemicals to kill off unwanted pests. These same chemicals applied to crops are then found on food that you eat further down the food supply chain.


The major concern here is that the potential long-term effects of these chemicals are unknown, just like the effects of DDT that was once also used but is now known to be carcinogenic. Choosing organic produce in your Clearwater supermarket means choosing healthy living in the short-term and long-term.


  • Staying Away from GMO


GMO foods are any living thing that has had its genetic material altered artificially, as stated by Care 2. These foods can counteract your healthy living goals. GMO foods increase pesticide exposure, antibiotic resistance, and the risk of allergies as a result of superimposed allergens that were not originally present.


  • Higher Nutritional Value


Picking up produce is not always conducive to healthy living in Clearwater residents, at least according to National Geographic. According to the renowned publication, “organics contain 18 to 69 percent higher concentrations of antioxidants.” Medical News Today’s article states that the benefits of antioxidants originate from the substance’s ability to slow damage to cells as a result of “free radicals,” which are produced by environmental stressors, such as inflammation or toxins in the body. In the end, selecting organic foods can have an incredible, positive impact on your healthy living practices in Clearwater.


  • Better Flavor


The same National Geographic article also suggests that better flavor can be found in the foods that are grown with organic farming practices. By allowing and embracing natural, biological stresses, farmers permit the plant to release and regulate its own chemicals, contributing to a more intense flavor profile.


  • Reducing Your Body’s Need to Flush Toxins


An article in mindbodygreen discusses the increased level of hormones and antibiotics that enter your body through the consumption of non-organic fruits, vegetables, and animal by-products. Reach a new standard of healthy living by choosing organic in Clearwater, and allow your body to be rid of toxins for good!


Knowing How to Choose Organic Foods for Healthy Living in Clearwater


Healthy living choices for those in Clearwater don’t have to be difficult! With the help of a few guiding principles, you can begin to learn the differences between organic and non-organic foods, and you’ll feel the differences these choices make to your health.


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