Let’s face it—living in Tampa and being perfectly free of toxicity is probably impossible. That is why an occasional natural detox is an excellent way to balance your mind, body, and soul.

Toxin Overload

We have all heard someone say that a person is toxic. The idea of toxicity is very negative; it means that a person has a harsh character which begins to exert negative energy that brings down those around them. Usually, we feel this way when people are mean, dissatisfied, critical, or acerbic. When our bodies collect too many toxins, they begin to give out similar negative characteristics. A natural detox is a way to combat the symptoms of toxin overload.

Symptoms of Toxicity

The whole body suffers when toxins interfere with the normal process within our organs. Our bodies’ structures are complex, but follow simple patterns of deep sleep, fresh air, aerobic exercise, and whole food nourishment. City life in Tampa deprives us of many of those things when we do not make it a priority to search them out and add them into our daily lives.

A fast-paced, city life in Tampa typically means breathing chemicals, not getting many of the essential nutrients from our diets, and a lack of exercise, because most people live a sedentary life working in offices and sitting in traffic. We do not need to go out our way to find toxins— they find us!

When toxins build up in the body:

  • The brain gets foggy. Toxic waste messes with our ability to think clearly and respond quickly.
  • People often fall into depression or develop anxiety as a response to their body’s inability to function optimally. They feel lethargic in mind and body, which in turn weighs down their psyche.
  • Managing body weight becomes difficult because of the digestive complications that come with toxicity. People begin to develop unhealthy cravings as their body is already weighed down with the indigestible matter.

So, why not do a natural detox? The adverse effects of toxicity make the prospect of getting rid of them more than desirable.

Simon Wellness Consulting Can Help You through a Natural Detox

Imagine feeling light, positive, and energetic. A successful natural detox helps you feel all of that, and more. Our body’s ability to heal and reconstruct is powerful if we just give it the time and care it needs. Call Simon Wellness Consulting in Tampa at 727-239-9443 to learn more about our services today!