Every year, as we get closer to December 25th, many people find themselves on edge and in need of some stress relief. Our holistic health practitioner Isabelle Simon always hears the question: “Are you ready for Christmas?” and her answer is always “YES!”

But she quickly realizes that what people mean by “being ready” is:

  • Social gatherings and parties are marked on the calendar
  • Holiday cards have been mailed to everyone on the list
  • The house is cleaned, decorated, all decked out
  • The gifts for EVERYONE are purchased, wrapped, labeled
  • Menu for family gathering is all planned
  • Ingredients and items for making the favorite family recipes are already on the shopping list

This is what Isabelle Simon calls “the stress list” with a bunch of self-imposed “I should’s” and “need to’s”, which usually creates guilt and anxiety because it reinforces the idea that we’re not enough just being ourselves. It creates a sense of obligation, which can become a burden that drags you down every time you’re think of it. Then it creates disappointment and frustration when your goals do not come to fruition.

It also keeps you from being present. Instead you focus on what you did or didn’t do in the past and on what you should or shouldn’t do in the future. So you end up putting the focus on what you’re not doing instead of all the things you are doing. Not recognizing your successes and achievements keeps you on quest to fulfill impossible standards.

Focus On Stress Relief This Holiday

For our wellness expert, the Holidays are not be about being excessive, or decorating the house like she is ready to enter a contest to be on the next Martha Stewart’s magazine cover. Rather, Isabelle feels this time of the year is an opportunity to be giving more of her time and appreciation, and when people are asking her if she’s ready for Christmas, she says YES because this is what she has in mind:

  • Spending time with family &  friends – check!
  • Taking more walks on the beach – check!
  • Watching favorite movies – check!
  • Enjoying good nutritious food made with love – check!
  • Playing with nieces & nephews – check!
  • Sleeping in on weekends, not having to go anywhere or do anything – check!

This Holiday season, Board Certified holistic Health Practitioner Isabelle Simon challenges you to practice the “LESS is MORE” philosophy. Don’t pack your calendar with more events than you can handle, don’t spend more on gifts than you can afford, because you will end up feeling more overwhelmed and stressed than you should. If you do find yourself overwhelmed, check out these tips to find some stress relief during the holidays.

Promote Calmness this Season

  1. Do mild exercises like yoga, walking or bike riding.
  2. Get plenty of sleep.
  3. Eat a healthy & balanced diet, drink plenty of water.
  4. Get outdoors, even with less sunlight, nature heals.
  5. Practice meditation or mindfulness exercises.

Aromatherapy is Great for Stress Relief

Our holistic health practitioner offers essential oils, which can be used therapeutically to promote relaxation. All it takes is a single drop and the effect is instantaneous. Some aromas that will help you unwind include:

These scents can be calming and you can use them at home, work, or while stuck in rush hour traffic. A byproduct of using aromatherapy is deep breathing, which also helps you with stress relief. Our wellness consultant can guide you toward the most helpful essential oils, whether you need help relaxing, you wish to create natural household cleaners, or you want to curb cravings. To schedule a consultation with ISabelle Simon, fill out our online form, or simply call: 727-239-9443

You can find more health & wellness tips for stress relief on our Facebook page! Have a Happy & Healthy Holiday Season!