Are you experiencing high levels of anxiety in Clearwater? Life’s pressures can add up and infiltrate how you approach your personal and professional pursuits. After all, stressful events are unavoidable, but you can decide how to react to incidents. With tools and guidance from our holistic health practitioner, you can manage the pressures that come your way.


When worrisome thoughts take over, consider the benefits of taking a snooze. An early bedtime or brief nap can give your mind and body the rest it needs to encounter the stress you’re experiencing. Not only does sleep improve cognitive function, but it can also elevate mood.


Our holistic health practitioner offers essential oils, which can be used therapeutically to promote relaxation. All it takes is a single drop and the effect is instantaneous in Clearwater. Some aromas that will help you unwind include:

These scents can be calming and can be used in the home, at work, or while stuck in rush hour traffic. A byproduct of using aromatherapy is deep breathing, which also helps you to relax. Our wellness consultant can guide you toward the most helpful essential oils, whether you need help relaxing, you wish to create natural household cleaners, or you want to curb cravings.

Talk It Out

Sometimes, talking with a trusted friend or counselor can relieve some of your stress. When we do not share our thoughts, they can fester. Holistic health practitioners believe that conversation can be healing. Turning inward too often is dangerous because it can breed isolation and depression. When you’re struggling, turn to a family member, dear friend or professional therapist to release tension.


Since anxiety is created by the mind, you can temper it by putting your body in motion. You will release endorphins and keep negative thoughts from becoming too loud or dominant. You might go for a morning walk or run on Clearwater Beach. There are also local yoga studios. This practice is meditative and promotes relaxation through breathing and coordinated movements. When it comes to activity, every choice is a good one! By giving your body something to do, you can minimize the mental strain.


Massage is a terrific method for achieving physical and mental relaxation. The tension we carry often resides in the body, specifically the shoulders, neck, and back. Pressures from work or home can be too much to bear in Clearwater, and a massage therapist can work on your muscles to reduce toxic buildup.

Team with Simon Wellness’ Holistic Health Practitioner

Sometimes, anxieties can seem like too much to bear. But guidance and practice make stress relief possible. By working with our holistic health practitioner, Isabelle Simon, you can create a toolkit for managing stressful situations. Since you cannot control what occurs in Clearwater, you can team with our wellness consultant to handle the ups and downs. You can also benefit from our other services:

By carrying tension day after day, you compromise your wellness. Contact our holistic health practitioner at 727-239-9443 to learn more about how we can help.