Mindful eating is a technique that puts you in an active instead of passive role when consuming foods. Eating mindfully can help you gain control over your habits like overeating. When working with a nutritionist or pursuing nutritional counseling in Tampa, the importance of mindful eating cannot be overlooked. Keep these tips in mind to boost your relationship with food.

1. Know What Mindful Eating Entails

Your time with a nutritionist can show you a lot about health and wellness that you didn’t know before. He or she can pinpoint where your diet’s strengths and weaknesses lie, but to get the most out of your nutritional counseling, you must take initiative. Take initiative by knowing that mindful eating entails:

  • Observing the physical sensations of eating, like chewing and swallowing
  • Differentiating between hunger and boredom
  • Knowing when you’re full and listening to your body
  • Facing food-related anxieties and insecurities
  • Appreciating your body and nourishing it with healthy foods

1. Slow Down, Take Your Time

Most of us eat too quickly. We have busy, on-the-go lives, so we shovel down meals while driving to work in Tampa or watching TV. The faster you eat, the more air you’ll swallow, which can cause excess gas and abdominal cramping. If you slow down and eat at a relaxed pace, you can ease digestion and prevent overeating. It takes about 20 minutes to feel full, and if you eat too quickly, you’ll overeat before realizing you’re full.

2. Don’t Multitask

We’re told that multitasking is good. While that may be true for the office, it doesn’t hold true when eating. Even when snacking, stop whatever else you’re doing and focus on the act of eating. Be present in the consumption of your food. If you’re watching a movie while snacking, you may not notice you’re satiated. Suddenly, you’ve eaten the entire bag. Nutritional counseling teaches you if you’re actively present while eating, you’ll be in control.

3. Portion Control Matters

Many people in Tampa struggle with portion control. It’s easy to eat an entire pint of ice cream if you’re eating from the carton. However, it’s easier to control how much you consume if you thoughtfully portion out your food before eating it. Instead of eating cashews straight from the container, prepare individual portions in zip-top bags or containers beforehand and you won’t risk overeating. A nutritionist will recommend using a scale or measuring cups because our perception of portion sizes is skewed. This can prevent overeating and consuming more calories than you thought.

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